Deja el plástico

Deja el plástico is an effort to reduce plastic pollution in California. We started with a campaign that led to a statewide ban of single use plastic bags in California. Azul believes that Latinxs should return to their roots of using reusable grocery bags instead of using plastic bags that become a nuisance to our environment.


Latinos marinos

Latinxs Marinos is an effort that Azul started in 2015 to involve more Latinxs in marine advocacy. For years, Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš was often the only Latina involved in discussions around coastal advocacy in Sacramento and working coalitions. In just two years, Latinxs Marinos has grown from a few to over 25 advocates who visit the California state capitol to speak with legislators and staff about issues related to ocean conservation and coastal communities.


Vamos a la playa

Azul is committed to getting as many folks out to the beach as possible. A trip to the beach is a great opportunity to spend time with friends & family, relax or simply enjoy nature.

We are lucky to live in California and enjoy its world famous beaches. We’re even luckier that our right to enjoy these beaches is enshrined in our landmark Coastal Act. but we still need to make sure beach access is a reality for all Californians. To achieve this, Azul works with communities, regulators and decision makers to protect and enhance beach access whenever possible. From advocating to protect and increase low cost, family-friendly beach acommodations, to ensuring Environmental Justice is adequately considered within regulatory decisions, we are committed to making sure a day at the beach is a pleasure all Californians can enjoy.

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